LIGE: Italian quality cranes for over 70 years

In 1945 Licenziato Gennaro founded “LIGE”.
The brand bears his footprint: the name “LIGE” includes the initials of his name and surname (LI – GE).

In 1950 the company started manufacturing self-propelled cranes powered by a petrol engine, receiving increasing requests for its product.

In the 1970s, LIGE evolved, following the growing needs for precision, safety and quality in sites and industrial sectors requiring lifters and material movement equipment.
It started to produce battery-powered cranes, recording a stronger international market presence.

The self-propelled LIGE electric cranes are solid, reliable lifting equipment. Production grows and is perfected by technological innovation and constant, rigorous quality controls.

SELF-PROPELLED ELECTRIC LIGE CRANES: sustainable reliability at the best price

In the 1980s, the company started to manufacture self-propelled electric cranes giving the LIGE brand a solid global market presence.

The corporate choice tended to satisfy the growing company requests for solid, reliable lifting equipment; while being safe for users and the environment, with low maintenance and use costs.

The rechargeable electric LIGE crane trucks, silent and not polluting, guarantee precision, efficiency on the job and maximum safety; thanks also to the fact they can be remote controlled.

At the start of the 1980s, the “LIGE” electric crane production was flanked by diesel-powered crane trucks. Thus widening the offer of lifting equipment compatible with all work needs.


ELECTRIC PICK & CARRY CRANES: a new material movement concept available to everyone

During the 1980s, LIGE decided to stop manufacturing petrol/diesel powered cranes and concentrate on the manufacture and innovation of pick and carry electric cranes on wheels; lifting equipment designed specifically to handle and transport heavy materials fast and precisely.

Small and agile, the LIGE pick & carry crane trucks were created to perform the jobs of traditional forklift trucks and large fixed cranes at the same time; lowering costs and summing several needs in a single self-propelled lifting system.

The market welcomed this wheeled crane type; enabling the company to increase productivity and investments in evolution and manufacturing technologies.
“LIGE srl” was incorporated at the start of the 1990s. The centre of its business project was the ongoing innovation of self-propelled pick & carry load lifting systems.

LIGE and JMG CRANES: tradition, innovation, passion for forward-looking quality

In 2015 JMG CRANES, world leader in the pick & carry electric crane sector, acquired the “LIGE” trademark: a story of attention to quality when producing lifting systems fully designed and created in Italy, supported by the strength of a large international brand.

In 2016 Jmg Cranes started renewing the electric crane truck range introducing new models. It scheduled the first market launch of the new self-propelled lifting vehicle choosing the marble and stone movement sector at the trade fair Marmomac in Verona.