electric crane lige 60



Rechargeable, electric vehicle to move loads, with ample visibility ergonomic cabin and telescopic boom in 4 parts.

The electric crane, LIGE 60, has an electronic load and movement limiter to EC standards ( L.M.I. – EN 13849 – 1 – 2009), complete with display to view the load raised, the maximum liftable load, overturning percentage, operating range, angle, extension and complete with luminous, operating status led.

The zero emissions, silent, rechargeable motor, the anti-overturning system and solid quadrilateral support, together with a fast, precise, 8-hour autonomy work capacity, make the LIGE 60 self-propelling crane truck an effective help in several production sectors, both indoors and outside.

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Sectors of use

The electric material lifting and movement vehicle, LIGE 60, can optimise and improve the quality of work in the textile and paper sector, in transporting and working marble and granite, in building sites, railway and naval sectors, in the production of pipes and fittings and many other production sectors requiring reliable, precise lifting systems.

Guarantee and assistance

Lige Cranes offer a minium 24 month guarantee on all the self-propelled electric crane range and a fast, effective customer assistance service. All Lige Cranes are accompanied by a detailed Use and Maintenance Manual.


To satisfy specific work needs, the self-propelling electric crane, LIGE 60, can be equipped with:
– electric jib, customised in capacity and length based on customer needs
– hydraulic winch, to lift vertically or from underground with maximum control
– non-marking wheels, ideal so as not to compromise or damage floors in working environments
– atex transformations, for cranes adapted and certified to be used in potentially hazardous places

80 V – 540 Ah. Battery meter indicator on dashboard.

Service brake: hydraulic with pedal control. Handbrake: hydraulic with authomatic control.

Fabricated from preformed and welded quality steel plate with built-in counterweight.

Front: 2 superelastic wheels 250-15”.
Rear: 2 superelastic wheels 21×8-9”.

Telescoping boom with 4 elements: 1 base fixed and 3 with hydraulic development on the teflon bearing strips.

Angle boom: +55° / – 17°.

Electric motors 2×7.5 kW, 80V. AC controlled by inverter. Insulation class H.

Rear by hydraulic motor controlled by an hydrostatic power steering with load sensing valve. The power of the hydrostatic system is guaranteed by the hydraulic circuit of the crane.

Electric motor 12 kW – 80 V AC. Insulation class H.

Electronic load moment indicator system complying to CE safety standards, complete with display indicating: load lifted, maximum admitted load, tilting percentage, operating radius, angle, outreach and complete with warning lights of the operating status.

6400 kg

mobile electric crane lige 60
electric crane hook lige 60
boom electric crane lige60
mobile electric crane lige 60


dimensions mobile lige 60


basic crane load chart lige 60



– 2006/42 CE MD
– 2014/30 CE EMC
– 2006/95 CE LVD
– 2000/14 CE
and subsequent modifications.

EN 13000: 2010 UNI ISO 4301-2:2011
and subsequent modifications.