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    70 years of cranes: experience and innovation

    We have been producing self-propelled electric cranes for over 70 years with passion and reliability, guaranteeing solidity and quality.
    All our crane trucks are designed and produced in Italy, in the JMG Cranes factory in Rottofreno (Piacenza).
    A team of the best engineers and technicians in the “pick & carry” crane sector studies and develops solutions daily for integrated lifting systems and innovative, efficient transport, easy and economical to manage. Always meeting the quality standards and manufacturing rigour that have made the LIGE brand stand out since it was established.

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    LIGE cranes: a functional answer to concrete needs

    Customer satisfaction is our purpose.
    LIGE cranes are designed to satisfy different work and material movement needs, offering specific solutions for each manufacturing and industrial sector linked to lifting and transporting loads.
    LIGE electric crane trucks are:
    - light in weight and with reduced volumes
    - agile, fast and precise in movement
    - self-propelled without stabilizers
    - rechargeable
    - ecologic
    - silent, with no emissions, idea for working in closed environments
    - safe because they are battery-operated
    - maneuverable by remote-control
    - simple and economical to manage

    The self-propelled LIGE lifting systems are an intelligent alternative resource to traditional equipment handling pallets. Thanks to their ease-of-use and functionality they can become and important ally for those operating in the marble, carpentry, pipes and fittings and many other manufacturing sectors.

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    Certified quality, guaranteed reliability

    Jmg Cranes designs and manufactures the Lige self-propelled cranes completely, with innovative processes and accurate quality controls.
    The company is continuously searching for manufacturing excellence; by using the best components available on the market and cutting-edge technologies like the PLG system, foreseeing a load limiter and control of machine management in the hardware itself.
    Purchasing a self-propelled LIGE crane is a quality and reliability choice because:
    - the company is certified ISO 9001:2008
    - each new crane is guaranteed 24 months
    - LIGE customers have access to an efficient, punctual assistance service
    - each crane is supplied with a rich, exhaustive Use and Maintenance Manual

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    Low maintenance costs, high performance

    Lige electric, wheeled cranes allow companies to lower their material movement costs and optimize spaces and times; always guaranteeing the best lifting and transport performances.
    Choose an electric LIGE crane for your business and you’ll discover all the benefits that save companies time and money:
    - minimum dimensions
    - fuel savings, thanks to rechargeable battery operations
    - ergonomic cabin workstation for the best working results
    - integrated safety devices
    - simple economical maintenance
    - reduction of machinery in the company: LIGE pick & carry cranes replace the traditional forklift trucks and other types of fixed cranes